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First impressions are everything in this business, and there’s no exceptions when it comes to the exterior of your home…. Does your home have “curb appeal”?  Here are a few simple things you can do to catch the eye of the perfect buyer.

–          Your front door is the focal point.  Make sure it stands out, a blast of colour, a custom wood door, stunning stained glass…. Make sure it’s clean from any dirt or scuffs.

–          Replace old house numbers with new ones.  You may just have to take them down and spray paint them.

–          Upgrade to a newer mailbox or give the old one a good cleaning or coat of paint.

–          Change out old or rickety door knobs.  Silver or nickel is more popular than gold hardware.

–          Landscape lighting can add allot of curb appeal all while providing safety and security.

–          Hanging baskets and container gardens are an inviting touch.  You can make them yourself or buy them assembled at your nearest garden centre.

–          Make sure fences are clean from dirt.  Paint should not be peeling or faded.

–          Gutters and downspouts should be cleaned out.

–          Lawn should be freshly mowed.  A little extra grass seed can help fill in sparse spots.

–          Add a little mulch to your garden bed, Deb claims it will change your life 🙂

Now all you have to do is make sure the inside of your home is sparkling just as bright!

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